Fulco Franchise Group

Fulco Franchise Group was established in 1998 and is managed by Frank C. Fulco, President and Willam Chaney, Vice President/GM of Operations.  The office and administrative practices are managed by Jodie Kirschner.  The main office is located in Cockeysville, MD.

The company operates on three basic principles which are the “3 I’s”, Integrity, Intensity and Intimacy.  These principles have been the backbone since the company’s inception and serve as a working testament to our commitment to all we come in contact with each day.

Simply stated integrity is doing the right thing, every time, all the time, especially when no one is watching.  Intensity is working with a purpose and focus that differentiates our customers and employees from all others.  Intimacy means that every customer, employee, vendor or anyone we come into contact with each day leaves us feeling special and appreciate on an individual level.  Trust is the foundation of the “3 I’s” and we live by this motto each day.

To contact our corporate office please call 410.316.1040.